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 Willow Loft Preschool 
  Daily Schedule 

Willow Loft Preschool offers a warm, stimulating and rhythmic environment that makes available appropriate support and educational activities. Children are encouraged to participate in our scheduled outline of happenings. However, a child is never pressured to contribute or produce if they choose not to. 

Throughout the day children are presented with many beautiful items and activities with which to engage, yet our program is not “product” heavy. Many of the “works” that the children take part in are designed to be reused or recyclable and are not items to be brought home. We strive to create as little waste as possible and to conserve our natural resources. We never insist that a child “produces” something just to have a project to show their parent. The child is introduced to an array of activities and items of interest, then allowed to make their own decision as to what to do.  
 NOTE: Times are approximate. The schedule will vary slightly as weather and  individual class needs dictate.
Morning Session 
 8:45am start time
  Afternoon Session
12:45 pm start time
       8:45 - 9:25   am
Outside Play
        12:45-1:25    pm
       9:25 -9:45    am
Library Time &
Handwriting Practice
        1:25-1:45      pm
       9:45 -10:15  am
Group Lesson
        1:45-:2:15     pm
     10:15 -11:25  am
Open Work Period 
        2:15-3:25      pm
     11:25 -11:45  am
Literacy Games
Story/Music Time
        3:25-3:45      pm
 11:45 AM
 Pick up
   3:45 pm

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